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Send this email today to demand a Green and Just Recovery:

Here is an email that you can use as a start, but we recommend that you include your personal reasons for wanting a recovery plan that respects people and the planet.

SUBJECT: I am your constituent and I want you to invest in a Green and Just Recovery for Canada

Dear {insert MP name}

Preparation for a post-Covid future should involve planning for a safe, equitable, and sustainable future for all Canadians.

The massive environmental challenges that we faced before the pandemic continue to threaten a safe and healthy future for all: fighting climate change, protecting nature, delivering strong legislation that centres climate justice, advancing Indigenous-led conservation and land protection, and leveraging nature-based climate solutions.

A Green and Just Recovery for Canada means above all, investing in a society that places people's health and the natural ecosystems that sustain all species above corporate profits. That means that any investments made cannot set environmental progress back, undermine environmental justice, or be incompatible with Canada's environmental commitments.

A Green and Just Recovery for Canada means investing in:

  • End fossil fuels subsidies and shift spending to a Green and Just Recovery,
  • Deliver strong climate legislation, ambitious climate targets, and policies that enable climate justice,
  • Protect 25% of land and ocean by 2025 and support Indigenous-led conservation, and
  • Expand and leverage nature-based climate solutions.

With the right investments, we can protect our environment and build an economy and society that are stronger and more resilient than before the crisis began.

{insert your name and postal code, so that they know you are their constituent}